I swear this time I mean it

sooo uhm, since david left… I don’t want to rp as Lynzie anymore because i’m automatically expected to date this new david that’ll come around…and I just don’t work like that… so I made sure it was alright that I changed who I am. 

I’m not deactivating this cause I told someone i’d always keep it up, for personal reasons. But it won’t be active and it’ll be taken off the rpg :3 

but yeah i’ll post something to my new rp blog… still in the rpg, of course.




outta asks right as I was gonna reply to lexus….cool

can i kill tumblr now or? why did they have to add a limit :l

cause they suck :[


outta asks right as I was gonna reply to lexus….cool


i’m eating a dorito-wich…. a sandwich with doritos in it.


olobersykz said: Fuck the haters, you're a lovely girl. x

Ahh thank you very much :3 


Anonymous said: I'm really happy david left you he deserves better than you why don't you just go kill yourself nobody likes you anyways

This isn’t exactly what I wanted to wake up to this morning….
Why must everyone be as asshole?

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